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Websites that load slowly because they are poorly coded could soon be flagged by Google’s Chrome browser.

Speed has been one of Chrome’s core principles since the beginning – we’re constantly working to give users an experience that is instant as they browse the web. That said, we have all visited web pages we thought would load fast, only to be met by an experience that could have been better. We think the web can do better and want to help users understand when a site may load slowly, while rewarding sites delivering fast experiences.

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Payments Services Directive (PSD2)

The original deadline for implementing SCA was 14 September 2019, by which point all ecommerce transactions were due to be processed via secured industry protocol such as 3D Secure. Online transactions would need additional authentication (with some exemptions).

However, following the European Banking Authority (EBA) announcement on 21 June 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has agreed to a phased roll-out plan to move the UK to full compliance by 14 March 2021.

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Great news for Photoshoppers!

Adobe have made life easier for us designers with the promise of its new feature ‘Shazam for fonts’ which will enable the end user to select an area around the unidentified font, hit a button and Photoshop will then hunt down the correct font for you. We’re currently using a free service offered by to identify them pesky fonts, which has helped enormously!

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