Website Design

Website Design

White Carrot Media will work with you to create a website for your business.

Wpepperrocks-featurede will build a web presence for you. Whether it is for a static website or a full e-commerce online shop, White Carrot Media will develop your ideas into a working online business existence.

Website development is an ongoing task as the internet is forever changing. We are dedicated to keeping your website ‘live’ and online at all times. We provide this service by using various software and importantly we also maintain our own servers.

Our aim is to alleviate the need for you to worry about your online presence, allowing you the time to concentrate on your pressing business needs.

The various styles of websites that we build, will help you decide which is the best option for you. Either way, you would of chosen a cost effective way to be seen on the web today.

Our dedicated team are always here to help you.

Static Websites

Displaying your brand or products online opens new opportunities of communication to everyone. Regardless of your budget, we can give you a static website that is individually created that will showcase your image.

In today’s online society, we need to communicate efficiently and effectively. By displaying a professional image and importantly with correct information, you will be able to deliver your objective online.

The cost of not having your brand online could be disastrous for any company and organisation. If you really believe in your product and want to provide information on your services then beginning with an internet presence is paramount to success.

Static Website Packages commence from £395 plus vat.

CMS – Content Managed Solutions

If your website requires new information and content that needs to be added on a regular basis then a CMS driven website is the ideal solution.

If you are beginning to look at selling products online but have a limited product range, then a CMS website would be an ideal solution. This way you can advertise individual products then speak with the customer to confirm payment etc.

Calendars and event pages can also be content managed, if you have a community centre or have a public diary then CMS will provide you with the simplicity of publishing your events.

Database Driven

best-featured-imacDatabase websites are easily described as websites that collect data and store in a database. These types of websites provide a programming functionality that either enters information or retrieves data. This storage and retrieval of information is automated and is controlled easily by the website operators.

A very good example of a database driven website would be a high end recruitment website. With this type of website the recruiter could collect data from people who submit information, CV’s and application forms etc. The job seeker would be able to open an account by creating a username and password. Finally the information that they send or provide through a application, would then be stored in the database. FAH provide this level of service and have produced, designs and builds for commercial and Not for Profit organisations.

Website Upgrades

White Carrot Media will complete the whole rebuild of your website and on request and will host the current site during the upgrade. Costs of upgrades do vary, so spending time with our team is vital. Looking after your online business is highly important, this is why it is really worth considering ourselves for the rebuild of your website.

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