W. Slack and Sons

W Slack and Sons was established in 1902 and is now one of the United Kingdoms leading online outdoor clothing websites. It was imperative that the design displayed all the key products on the left hand side for everyday items. Finally the website must be easy to use and purchase the equipment without having to view several pages of additional sales material.

A leading outdoor clothing website has been created where new and regular customers can easily purchase items within a very short space of time. Search Engine Optimisation has also been given to help drive the business move forward. The website is easy to navigate and provides multiple shipping options. We have kept the personnel identity of the W Slack and Sons within the new site. This website has really helped W Slack and Sons move forward into the 21st century and in turn has been a huge success with more orders than ever!



Margo Selby

Since launching her first collection in 2003, Margo Selby has become known as a pioneer, and is now a huge name in the world of contemporary textiles. Not satisfied with working for Habitat, the Tate, and many other household names, Margo further cemented her reputation with a whole episode of BBC2’s Mastercrafts in 2010, dedicated to her passion for weaving. In fact she is one of the few people in this country who still keep the craft alive.

We have been working with Margo for many years, and her current site is the fourth iteration created by us. Fully e-commerce, content managed, and widely respected, we even managed to keep the site on its feet during the onslaught of the BBC2 programme, when on the Friday night in question, the site received a month’s worth of traffic in just a couple of hours.

The new website is a fully responsive redesign of the previous website. The website is now much easier to navigate and has been very successful within a very short period of time. The imagery is now displayed much larger than before focusing on the beautiful fabrics Margo creates and is easily updatable by the team at Margo Selby.



Turner & Sons

Turner & Sons commissioned White Carrot Media to build a new CMS driven website for their sock shop. The client was already familiar with WordPress/Woocommerce and wanted to take its main brand into the spotlight.

White Carrot Media and created a traditional but modern looking website which kept the consistency of the brand at heart. The client has full control of managing their shop through the admin panel.



La Capanna

La Capanna came to White Carrot Media to refresh their website they’d had done by our designer many years ago. They wanted to modernise the design and make the website mobile responsive as many of its customers view the website on smartphones during work hours. The main object was to showcase their menus and be easily update when required.

FAH created it’s very own theme ‘Simba’ which is very tailorable to the client. The designers took the current branding along with new photography and made something very pleasing on the eye. The new website works very well and looks fantastic on smartphones and tablets, the menus are clean and simple to view. Tony now has full control over the website, especially the menus and can now edit the information when needed. So if you’re hungry why not give La Capanna a visit!